Dope Sabbath

from by Kenshiro's



Sitting in your living room listening to elton john
Vouching for destruction citing decades in a song
Music is dead with the flick of a wrist on the title of your tumblr blog
And i'd usually go tell you to go fuck yourself but
Something does feel a little stuck

Is it the pitchfork cosmopolitans subconsciously implanting and
Serializing the new new york sound
Or is your city a sucker and my city a freak and our city a silent suppressor
The bullet flies agile through the wallet the waveform and the
Teeny tiny venue bar and every year it's still the same old scene
The perp applauded and the victim licking their scars


from The Big Dipper, released July 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Kenshiro's St. Louis, Missouri

Basement punk for the unworthy. Omae wa mo shindeiru.

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