The Big Dipper

by Kenshiro's

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released July 15, 2017

Antonio Leone, Julio Prato, Jessica Vendegna

Art design: Antonio Leone, Rob Orf
Photo by Ejla Zeric



all rights reserved


Kenshiro's St. Louis, Missouri

Basement punk for the unworthy. Omae wa mo shindeiru.

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Track Name: Dope Sabbath
Sitting in your living room listening to elton john
Vouching for destruction citing decades in a song
Music is dead with the flick of a wrist on the title of your tumblr blog
And i'd usually go tell you to go fuck yourself but
Something does feel a little stuck

Is it the pitchfork cosmopolitans subconsciously implanting and
Serializing the new new york sound
Or is your city a sucker and my city a freak and our city a silent suppressor
The bullet flies agile through the wallet the waveform and the
Teeny tiny venue bar and every year it's still the same old scene
The perp applauded and the victim licking their scars
Track Name: Out of Control
I pick up the phone mouth tastes like ass click clack goes the welcome
Screen you finally answered but it's 7am should i say that i'm going
Jogging a sidestep here a do si do there a couple's twist to not feel so
Alone lo and behold the tango of waste lock the screen get a drink of
Water and a cigarette and another cigarette and

Out of control you think you see something when you look at me baby

Out of control your perception of my role in this cannibalistic game the
Vibrating sirens scream that yes you read my text i want to get
High with you but maybe i should just keep it cool said my mom said my
Friends said you when you took six hours to answer

The tango goes on and i think that this dress shows my dress a little much
Track Name: Guts
Uh hello how are you you told me that you would be here
and you are but are you here huh?

Why did you

Surprisingly enough i was able to make some lemonade refreshing
But it's hard to think about all the time my mind has wasted

Why did you have to show me your guts
Why do you have to show me your guts